Increased fees to apply for residence permits to Norway from 1 January 2018


he fees that increase are listed in the table.If you register your application in the Application portal and pay the fee 31 December 2017 at the latest, you will pay the old fee.Overview of which fees are increased

Type of residence permit Old fee New fee
Residence permits for work NOK 3 700 NOK 5 400
Study and au-pair permits NOK 3 200 NOK 5 300
Family immigration NOK 8 000 NOK 10 500
Renewal of family immigration NOK 2 200 NOK 2 600
Permanent residence permit NOK 2 100 NOK 3 100

Reduced fee for applications for citizenship

f you are going to apply for citizenship, the fee will be reduced from 1 January 2018. Previously the fee was NOK 4 200 for these applications. The new fee will be NOK 3 700.

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