Work Visa

These visas are enunciated by different immigration lawyers and advisers pertaining to different countries laws and regulations. There are two types of work visas as follows,

  1. Temporary work visa
  2. Permanent work visa

The Temporary worker visa is for approved employment in the host country. These are generally more difficult to obtain, but valid for longer periods of time than a business visa. Depending on a particular country, the status of temporary workers may or may not evolve into the status of permanent resident or to naturalization. It is for the general worker for an amount of time decided by the employee.

You will normally need to be in one of the following situations to have a working visa in your destination Country:

  1. Have the right to work based on Ancestry/nationality or based on having a partner from that Country.
  2. Have a valid work permit or visa that allows you to work. Normally, it would be the employer who applies for this.
  3. Have a temporary or permanent working visa that allows you to work. This is normally based on your skills, qualifications and work experience.
Some common examples of working visa categories that allow you to work abroad are covered below:

  • UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
  • Australia Skilled Migration
  • New Zealand Skilled Migration
  • Canada Skilled Worker Programme
  • UK Visa under the Association Agreement

If you need to work permanently in any country you have to apply for the Permanent residence visa.